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    I found them. (MTIE Day 2012 - Rant)

    I did it. I found them.

    They’ve been here all along and, come to find out,...we have a reputation. They’re just like you and me. Not any superhuman specialties to speak of except, of course, a legendary Montana work ethic. When I say legendary, I’m really not exaggerating. There was 110% agreeance among the panel elites that Montana holds a special significance for many in their network. Be it a dinner party or board room, the word on the street is that we are sought after…and that should make you feel good. It’s the embodiment of all those feelings that you always thought, but never voiced. It’s the reason that you and your friends find excitement and common cause across disciplines that others might deem unrelated. It’s the knowing that you, coming from whatever background, in one of the (perceived) least consequential states in the union, are going to change the game. 

    You shake things up, you don’t take “no”, you politely proceed to prove all your doubters wrong.  It’s the way you’ve always been and always will be.

    And you know the great part? There is an extremely willing network of people ready to help you make your mark. They have connections to Silicon Valley, Alley, Slopes, and Hills. They are NYC, SF, CHI, Boston, Austin, Bombay, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Paris, and on across the map.  By their own admission, they aren’t special.  If you walked past them on the street, they don’t emit some sort of glow. They aren’t flashy, they aren’t selfish, and they let their actions and works speak for themselves. They are incredibly understated and generous. They wield a wealth of knowledge and use it to call their own shots, punch their own tickets, and drop it on those who would have it.

    In other words, they’re just like you and me.  We collaborate. We share the love…and the pain. We know the difference between lip service and real commitment.  We sacrifice and study and strive.  We don’t take “no,” we don’t know “can’t,” we take the help when it’s offered, and we all understand that you only get one ride. So you might as well make it count.

    They are us.

    We are they.

    Montanans united. (More than you know).