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    The Necessity of Women

    Count me among those sounding the drumbeat of the demonstrable need for female leadership, not only in tech, but in every other industry of modern society lately. I've been a vocal proponent for a while now, but a number of recent experiences have left me absolutely dumbfounded.

    How, in this day and age, could we (yes all of us) be doing such a poor job of eliminating the ridiculous stereotypical female conventions of yesteryear? Some of the most brilliant young men I've met lately, among their many talents, nonetheless fail to see how their gender stereotypes and microslights against women will only disadvantage them in their future endeavors. The problem, as I see it, is not necessarily that a young man would engage in legacy sexism, but would do so so willingly without any afterthought. Perhaps I'm judging too harshly from the perspective of a happily married and supportive husband and father, but, seriously, where is the disconnect among those who should know better - namely the next generation of aspiring leaders in typically male dominated STEM fields?

    You, gentlemen, are only hurting yourselves when you fail to realize the true significance of those intellects that match, and likely exceed, your own among your female cohorts. Women provide a distinctly unique point of view that will inform and temper your own insights with brilliant results. The best among them are no different than you - they will respect you as deserved and call out your shortsights as needed. Data has clearly shown that the most effective business teams are those who forgo assumed or calculated hegemony, whether it be race, gender, socioeconomics, or otherwise. Those that willingly embrace variety among excellence with a common goal produce outsized results.

    The magic is in the mix. Respect it.