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    Let's party.

    I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to how I might best kick off this site lately.  No longer content with consuming the brilliant spectrum of content available out there, I’ve decided to join the party late – or more accurately, your party.  Better late than never though, right?  The good part is that an amazingly large and generous community around the world has written countless articles, books, blogs, commentary and wikis on exactly how to do just that.  Coupled with a certain carefree drive required of anyone willing to broadcast themselves to the world, I’ve decided to leap.  Just mix a little SEO with a little social media - add in your target audience, your tribe, your followers, your fans, your potential, just a dash of resilience and a healthy dose of patience, and voilà! Nothing to it, right?  Not quite.

    This whole process has already produced a decent amount of lessons learned. (And this is just the first post)!  I’ve been told to have at least 10 blog posts drafted and ready to launch with a good contest/giveaway/etc.  Excellent suggestions to be sure, but unfortunately, I have neither the time nor focus between family and day jobs to come up with something especially catchy for all of my potential fans or keyword searches. This is compounded by my default kung fu “action” setting which, aside from allowing me to kill with one blow, tends to override complex, coordinated planning operations. (Seriously, there’s a switch on my back that hasn’t moved since my parents bought me and turned me from demo mode). So, I've just decided to go.

    I bet you're wondering why I’m at your party.

    (clears throat)(ahem)<proper british accent>… "In a perfect universe, is a fount of entrepreneurial knowledge delivered in an easily accessible format that allows my visitors to inform and challenge their notions of what it is to take the helm of fate and plot a course for success."  But we know that the universe isn’t perfect, is it? Rather, it is only as perfect as our pursuit of perfection in it, so here’s the non-flowery version: is a place for people with a driving curiosity, creativity, and sense of humor to dig in, connect, and share the best ways to change the world, with a focus on their little corner of it.

    As of now, this is a one-man show. But I should warn you, I have a growing army (network) of fantastic people (FFF’s*) with whom I have crossed paths who can’t wait to get their hands dirty in providing you the best in real-world case studies and startup knowledge to be found.  As I’m sure you’re aware, there are many great resources out there doing the same thing (I will get to my favorites in time), so my plan is to augment what they provide in as enjoyable a way possible. We’re all on the same team here.  If you ever disagree with me or would like to elaborate on any topics covered here, please do so early and often.  I want to use this platform to hopefully learn as much or more than I ever have the privilege to provide.  Please join me on this journey.

    Welcome to my world, and thanks for inviting me to your party.


     *Family, Friends and Fools – high five if you got that right away.