The Top 6 Things Young Employees Want You to Know Now
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 10:29PM
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We all know corporate executives today are faced with more uncertainty than ever before. Daily they battle the difficult, ever-changing challenges, both internally and externally, that could result in the life or death of any organization in our lightening fast economy.

"...corporate executives today are faced with more uncertainty than ever before."

The following list was the basis for a speaking engagement I had with another good friend and executive leadership trainer last spring, in which he played devil's advocate to my points. The points he made were excellent, but I'd like to save those rebuttals for a future guest post. This also gives me a chance to hear from any readers who would like to weigh in. At this point, suffice it to say that we weren't arguing so much as we were both advocating for excellence in communication throughout the employer/employee relationship.

Without further ado, I give you "The Top 6 Things Young Employees Want You to Know Now":

"I know everything is changing. Do you?"

"You should trust me."

"Show me the metrics."

"Intrinsic rewards could mean as much, or more than typical extrinsic motivation."

"Management isn’t for the weak."

"Failure should be acceptable as long as it’s not catastrophic and you learned actionable information from it."

Hopefully that provided more introspection than feathers ruffled, but you can probably tell I hope for both in equal measure.

The future belongs to you.


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